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Moran Camp Xtreme Goes Virtual!

Moran Camp Xtreme Goes Virtual!

To relieve the sense of isolation, and keep happy memories of Moran Camp Xtreme (MCX) alive, Genny Gomez, Director of MCX, is bringing camp activities to the kids virtually.  Giving families time to adjust to their new schooling from home routine, in one week, kids can begin watching their inbox for exciting activities.  

"This is a stressful time for all of us, and especially for children with a physical or medical condition that makes them vulnerable to complications from the COVID-19 virus. One of the best ways we can help is by keeping them connected with their camp friends, entertained, and focused on the empowering and reaffirming experiences they have had at MCX " Genny Gomez.  

Each week, campers will receive a new virtual camp activity to connect them to their MCX friends.  Genny is working on activities such as in-home and nature photo scavenger hunts and offering great camp crafts they can easily put together with things within their home.  Campers will be mailed a supply of chalk to create wheeled sidewalk races involving the whole family.  Photos from past camps will be sent with a  hidden image challenge, and ribbons and awards will be mailed to the winners.

The summer session of MCX has not been canceled.  Hopefully, things will be back to normal, and with a great sigh of relief, we will enjoy camp with renewed appreciation!