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TIRR Foundation is advancing medical science, improving care, and enhancing lives for people with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries

1.7 million people each year sustain a traumatic brain injury in the U.S.

TIRR Foundation seeks to improve the recovery, health, and quality of life for people who have sustained a spinal cord or brain injury by funding innovative research to find a cure and by fostering programs that advance rehabilitative medicine.

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Every dollar TIRR Foundation receives is leveraged 25X by researchers

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Millions of people worldwide struggle each day with the debilitating effects of central nervous system damage. The endeavor to understand how our central nervous system functions, responds to injury, and recovers has been ongoing for centuries.

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TIRR Family is filled with individuals whose lives have been personally impacted by catastrophic injury, and those who are impassioned to support the goals and efforts of TIRR Foundation.

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TIRR News / November 16, 2022

November Newsletter

November 2022 Edition


TIRR News / April 25, 2022

Mission Connect Symposium Renamed in Memory of Dr. Robert G. Grossman

When Dr. Grossman passed away in early October 2021, the world lost a magnificent person. It is difficult to sufficiently honor an individual, who through his compassion and industry, leaves behind such a vast and remarkable legacy. Every person has a story to share of when Dr. Grossman's kindness, generosity, and immense knowledge bettered their life. For TIRR Foundation, he was a constant advocate, visionary leader, and genuine partner you could call upon for advice.


TIRR News / April 25, 2022

TIRR Foundation Announces Dr. William H. Donovan Lecture Series

In recognition of the significant medical and research contributions of William H. Donovan, MD, an early member of Mission Connect and TIRR Foundation board member, TIRR Foundation is supporting a new lecture series named in his honor. The Dr. William H. Donovan TIRR Foundation Lecture in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will launch this year through the UT Health Science Center at Houston. Dr. Donovan, who joined TIRR Memorial Hermann in 1980, is renowned for his expertise in treating people with spinal cord injuries and amputations.


TIRR News / April 25, 2022

Kristin Abello Publishes Book on Life after TBI

Kristin Abello recently published a book, Sunrise, telling her story of faith, love, hope, and healing from a TBI. Kristin is a longtime advocate for TIRR Foundation where she serves on the Executive Committee of TIRR Family. Her strength, enthusiasm, and generosity brings energy and light to everyone and everything she touches; and TIRR Foundation has been the recipient of her amazing gifts many times over.