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Moran Camp Xtreme

Changing “impossible” to POSSIBLE for kids with physical disabilities.

The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research Foundation (TIRR Foundation) created Moran Camp Xtreme over 20 years ago. Moran  Camp Xtreme strives to provide a camp experience without boundaries. At Moran Camp Xtreme, a child’s wheelchair is never a barrier to participating. Moran Camp Xtreme provides a variety of different camping opportunities throughout the year.


Moran Camp Xtreme Mission Statement:

Moran Camp Xtreme seeks to build confidence, life-long friendships, and self-affirming skills in children and young adults with physical disabilities by providing them with exciting and fully inclusive sports camps filled with activities focused on discovering and mastering their amazing abilities.


2023 Camp Schedule:

Spring Break Camp – March 17-19 at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp

Summer Camp – June 11 – 16 at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp

Adult Camp – August 11-13 at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp

Family Camp – October 6 – 8 at Morgan’s Wonderland Camp



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Special thanks to the Hanger Foundation for your support of Moran Camp Xtreme! For more information about Hanger Foundation please visit  #hangerfoundation #livefully #EmpowermentGrant