About Moran Camp Xtreme

Moran Camp Xtreme is an adaptive sports camp program offering four sessions per year serving children, teens, and young adults.  Each camp is designed to make sports accessible to anyone with physical impairments impacting their mobility.  Moran Camp Xtreme makes the impossible possible for more than 100 eager campers each year.


Spring Break Camp

Moran Camp Xtreme’s Spring Break session offers an exciting weekend at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas, for ages six to 18. This three-day camp is ideal for kids who want to experience Moran Camp Xtreme before they commit to our week-long summer session.  Many activities are the same, but a few key differences make this camp special.  One difference is that campers may invite a friend or sibling to join them. Unlike the other sessions, campers who are 50% independent in their activities of daily living (bathing, toileting, and dressing) are welcome.  Moran Camp Xtreme Spring Break keeps kids busy with many exciting activities, including the high ropes course, horseback riding, archery, arts and crafts, experiencing nature, and many wheelchair sports. 


Summer Camp

Our summer session is Moran Camp Xtreme’s first and longest-running camp, and unlike any other Texas camp.  In 2023, this weeklong overnight camp will be hosted at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas. Kids and young adults ages eight to 21 learn what it is like to experience a barrier-free week and, most importantly, what it feels like to have a tremendous amount of fun.  Regardless of functional ability, this adaptive wheelchair sports camp provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity where campers can test their limits and engage in soccer, archery, basketball, dodgeball, horseback riding, swimming, and a high-rope course, all while surrounded by friends and supportive and knowledgeable staff who are just like them. We ask that campers attending the summer session be 100% independent in their activities of daily living (ADL), including bathing, toileting, and dressing.


Adult Camp

Moran Camp Xtreme’s newest session opened in the summer of 2021 to provide young adults aged 21 and older with an opportunity to learn the many ways they can continue participating in the same activities they enjoyed before their injury.  Meeting new friends outside the therapy setting helps them build and broaden their friendship group.  There is also a solid mentoring facet to this camp. Recently injured campers are paired-up with campers more experienced in navigating life with a disability.  However, adult camp is not only about mentoring and new friendships but about having a wonderful time trying new activities.  The high-rope course, horseback riding, and cookouts are all part of the program, including just floating down the lazy river. This camp also provides a greatly needed respite for counselors from the summer and spring break sessions who relax and enjoy the camp experience when they come to adult camp.  We ask campers attending the summer session to be 100% independent in their ADLs (bathing, toileting, and dressing.)


Family Camp

Moran Camp Xtreme’s Family Camp (MCX Family Camp) allows families to participate together. This annual weekend camp is typically held in the fall when all family members are most likely to be available. This Moran Camp Xtreme experience, hosted at Morgan’s Wonderland, is designed to give the camper and up to five family members the joy of a weekend without boundaries. Various fun activities include cookouts, horseback riding, floating down the lazy river, a ropes course, and field trips to local San Antonio attractions.  What distinguishes MCX Family Camp from all other MCX camps is no requirement for camper independence in ADLs (bathing, toileting, and dressing), thus opening this camp to a host of campers not served by our other programs.  Families who come to MCX Family experience exciting, accessible activities together and leave with fond memories that last a lifetime.