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The direction and scope of Mission Connect supported research is led by the inspiring successes, revealing failures and astonishing breakthroughs of more than 120 collaborating scientists. Since its inception, Mission Connect has identified, targeted and fostered paths of basic neurotrauma research exhibiting the greatest potential for new discovery and ultimately clinical applications. In this endeavor, Mission Connect has attracted a community of the best and brightest scientists unified through their excellence, potential and commitment to advancing our knowledge of the human central nervous system. These leaders in their field thrive in the collaborative culture of Mission Connect where the best science rises, knowledge is gained and breakthroughs are achieved. The impact of their discoveries, expected and unexpected, have significantly advanced the frontier of neuroscience far exceeding the monetary value of our investment. We are confident the research of Mission Connect will change the lives of neurologically injured people worldwide, enabling them to live with increased health and independence. The benefit to these individuals, and to all societies, is immeasurable.

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What began with a few dedicated and visionary individuals is today a group of over 120 preeminent scientists and physicians working collaboratively under Mission Connect.

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In excess of $19 million has been generated by TIRR Foundation to fund Mission Connect. The return on the investment in Mission Connect has been highly successful. Since 1997, every dollar invested in Mission Connect research has been leveraged 25 to one by the scientists from National Institute of Health grants, Department of Defense grants and other large funding sources. TIRR Foundation is committed to supporting and sustaining the vital research projects taking place within Mission Connect until preventions, treatments, and cures for central nervous system damage are discovered.